Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blog Dedication

For my first post I want to dedicate my blog to Jesus and Mary.

Prayer to the Most Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary
Divine Saviour, Loving Mother to us all: guide and protect me;
Understanding friends: respond to my call;
Consolers most compassionate: ease my loneliness and sorrow;
Sustainers of life: strengthen my resolve to serve You;
Unbounding forgiveness: be merciful with me;
Infinite wisdom: help me to know myself;
Source of Light: lead me on the right paths;
Filled with joy: lighten my heart;
Love without measure: hold me to Your Heart always, as I hold You to mine.
~~taken from a booklet "The Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary,"
published by the Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary

May this blog be ever pleasing to them.


  1. What a wonderful, beautiful way to start a blog!
    I wish you all the best Miss Emmaline!
    from:Angela E.

  2. Why thank you! :) Did you see the link to the website under the prayer? It has a lot of different nice prayers for the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts.